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Christmas sugar

I found this recipe on and tried it immediately because I love pancakes, ricepudding and all these other things you usually eat cinnamon sugar with. This Christmas flavour contains 0.5lb finest sugar, 2 tea spoons ground cinnamon, 1/4 tea spoon ground nutmeg and 1 knife point ground clove. Fill it in a nice jar, […]

Last minute advent calendar

Surprise, surprise! Sunday’s the first of December and the first day for the traditional German Advent calendar. If until now you didn’t manage to make one yourself but don’t want to buy any either. Well, then here you’ll get the instruction for a very last minute calendar which only needs a personal computer, a printer […]

Hazelnut Cookies

They look like the first Christmas cookies but weren’t meant to be. I simply wanted to use the remaining egg yolk of my meringue pastry. The original recipe found on “” proposes  to cover the cookies with icing sugar. For half of my cookies I chose a chocolate top which we liked very much too. […]