Little hens for Easter


Already last year I showed some of these little Easter chicks. I still love them and that’s why I made some more for this year in a lightly new shape.  You’ll need fabric squares mesuring 4 x 4 inches, some felt for beak, crown and tail, some round gift cord and wooden beads for the legs, some wadding and a thread for sewing the bird and for his eyes. Besides the template I showed where and how beak, crown and tail have to be placed before sewing the first three sides of your squares.


The bottom wil be sewn after turning and filling your hen. First the legs need to be inserted in the center of your bottom side and the edges folded inside for 1/5 inch. That makes the hen’s tummy look a bit fuller.
Finally sew the hen’s eyes with 3-4 tight stitches on each side of it’s head.
You may use the hens for a center piece and put them on a decorative branch but you may as well sew a thread just beside the crown and hang them up in branches placed in a vase.

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