Little Easter Chicks

Kueken1Nearly half of the fasting weeks have gone and it’s time to think about Easter decoration now. Besides the traditional Easter eggs I like to decorate some branches with these little chicks. I’m using different remainders of cotton cloth. If you don’t have any at home you can buy some quilting or patchwork cloth. It’s offered in packages of colors and patterns matching with each other. You can sew them with a sewing machine or by hand. Therefore these chicks can also be made by children.
The chick’s body is made of an 8×4 inches rectangle. The beak is a square of 1.5×1.5 inches. Fold the square diagonally and then the new triangle from left to right side so that the tips of the bottom will touch. Turn the new triangle and place it on the right side of the body’s cloth just beneath the middle fold. The tip of the beak is showing to the middle of the body. Now fold down the upper part of the body. Now sew both sides of the body, turn it and fill it with wadding.
For the legs simply twist some cotton yarn. It’s economical to twist a cord of several inches, divide it with knots and cut it into 1.5-2 inches long parts – the chick’s legs.
To close the body just turn the lower border inside for about 0.5 inches and press them together with the side seams touching in the middle. Place the legs in between and sew them together with the bottom. If you want you may sew little eyes with a cotton thread and also fix a thin thread at the top of the chick to hang it up. According to the choice of cloth you’ll get a motley or color matching decoration.

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