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Cutlery Pouch

It started with the cutlery pouch and went on with nest, butterflies and paper napkins. For one pouch collecting fork, knife and tablespoon you’ll need a stripe of paper mesuring 4×14 inches. Having the left side of your paper facing to you the upper short side will be folded down 2 inches and other side […]

Easter Table Setting

In my wardrobe you’ll scarcely find pastel shades. That’s probably why I like using them for my table settings. In our craft supply store I found two lovely giftwrapping papers in light blue and pink. I will take them for my Easter table setting. I made cutlery pouches, little nests and light butterflies with them. […]

Natural Center piece

Spring’s approaching inexorably making flowers and bushes blossom out. Why not taking them inside to decorate house or table. Simply take some nice glasses, fill in some furled leaves (here I took those of a tiger lilly, reed works well too but can’t be found yet), pour in some water and place a floating candle […]

Easy-Peasy Napkin

A table setting without neatly folded napkins? Impossible, at least for myself. I can hardly resist any napkin with a nice pattern but very often have to find out that most of the foldings don’t show it correctly or even make it disappear. That’s why I love this standing version that can be folded with […]

Atmospheric Lamps

Always new, very nice and matching with your decoration! I’ll show today how easy it is to make these little candle lamps. For these lamps I didn’t even need an hour, selection of paper included. I found the idea while looking for something else. All you need ist a nice jar, a tea light, double […]