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Little hens for Easter

Already last year I showed some of these little Easter chicks. I still love them and that’s why I made some more for this year in a lightly new shape.  You’ll need fabric squares mesuring 4 x 4 inches, some felt for beak, crown and tail, some round gift cord and wooden beads for the […]

Natural hand scrub

Spring’s coming with longer days and more sunshine. That means you can leave at home your gloves. Cold winter air and lack of sunlight makes your hands suffer. The skin dries out and becomes harsh very often. A homemade skin scrub (recipe found on stephanie lynn’s blog – may help your hands. The ingredients […]


Fasting period that’s not only abandonment of food but also a period of thinking about daily routine or bad habits. For me it’s every year again my closet full of clothes. I really do want to reduce my number of shirts, pants and so on but again and again it’s quite difficult to decide whether […]