Natural hand scrub


Spring’s coming with longer days and more sunshine. That means you can leave at home your gloves. Cold winter air and lack of sunlight makes your hands suffer. The skin dries out and becomes harsh very often. A homemade skin scrub (recipe found on stephanie lynn’s blog – may help your hands. The ingredients are to be found in most households and if not they’re available at the grocery’s. It’s best to prepare only a small quantity because we of course don’t use preserving agents. The quantity of ingredients is just enough for two small 20ml/0.7fl.oz jars. Usually I’m taking one for myself and the others as a gift. Attach a lovely tag and offer it in a cellophane gift wrap. Be sure that every friend will be delighted when receiving this little gift.

50g/1.8oz brown sugar,
appr. 25ml/0.8fl.oz olive oil,
1 tbsp lemon juice

Mix the ingredients. According to consistence of sugar take a bit more or less oil.

With a small spoon take a walnut size quantity of the srub and take it in your hand. Spread it evenly on both hand backs and your palms and leave it for a few minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and continue your manicure like usually.


Just fill the remaining scrub in a small jar and keep it in a dark cool place – the fridge is ok. If you keep it there you should take it out a while before using it because if not it’ll be too firm.


If you don’t like the odor of olive oil you may take any other cooking oil as well. I prefer my beloved walnut oil. My skin’s of the same value as my stomach.






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