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Tote bag

Being an avid crafter I’m always looking for what like-minded people are doing. Reading Lola Nova’s blog I found this wonderful instruction for an easy-peasy tote bag. Quite often I already stumbled over a heavy jeans cloth that was planned to become a long skirt but never did. The firmness of this material is perfect […]

Salad with asparagus

When buying fresh fruit or vegetables my eyes are often bigger then my tum and I had left half a bunch of green asparagus. What do you do with them if you don’t like to eat the same thing twice? Well then you’ll rummage in the web for a fitting recipe like the one of […]

Surprise strawberry

This is a very special one. We guarantee it’s not genetically modified and surely pesticide-free. Its content however, two little sweet chocolate pralines, is rather rich in calories. A lovely little gift for a tea time invitation or as an attachment to a larger present. You’ll need red and green cardstock, a green ribbon, scissors, […]

Heart shaped bag

Hearts, hearts and still more hearts. A nice bag just designed for beeing placed on Mother’s Day tables. Fill it with some marshmallow hearts and Mum will be thrilled. Alternately it can be decorated with some small flowers placed in a schnapps glass watering them. If you want to to something more buy some small […]

Mother’s Day

Just a week left to organize a lovely table setting for Mother’s Day which will be celebrated on May 11th this year. For all those who want to prepare something with or without kids I’ll show you a foolproof decoration. You won’t find any mother not being happy with this wonderful table setting made by […]