Heart shaped bag


Hearts, hearts and still more hearts. A nice bag just designed for beeing placed on Mother’s Day tables. Fill it with some marshmallow hearts and Mum will be thrilled. Alternately it can be decorated with some small flowers placed in a schnapps glass watering them. If you want to to something more buy some small cosmetics and fill the bag with them.
Download the samples here. I chose red cardstock mesuring 7 x 5.5 inches because it fits well with my already existing decoration for Mother’s Day. Fold both long sides at 1.5″ and make an 0.5″ fold on each side of their center line. Cut out the smal rectangles in the middle of the 1.5″ edges. All corners need to be rounded off. Then put some glue on the inner side of both right flaps just beside the cut out piece. Now fold right flaps over the left ones so that you’ll get a heart shaped bag. It will have a bottom of 1 inch to stand on. I placed a further big heart in matching colors on top of the laps and a small on on the handle which is 6-7 inches long and 0.5 inches wide and glued to the inside of the laps.
Now you just have to find the appropriate filling. Besides Mother’s Day it’s also a wonderful gift for a wedding anniversary.

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