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Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to buy an expensive gift to celebrate St. Valentine’s. My wish for today is that everybody will find at least on person thinking of him in love.  

Felt Bag

Are you part of the large “bag loving” community? Then you’re right here. We’ve made a lovely felt handbag for less than 5 £/ 7$ in less than half a day. You only have to buy felt 0.16 inches thick and bead yarn of the color you like. The free pattern for download is here […]

Felt Shoes

There’s hardly anything you can’t do with felt. On the site the “Purl Bee” of Purl Soho I found a wonderful and very detailed instruction for these lovely baby felt shoes. She even allows downloading of her pattern for private use. That’s why today I don’t have to write too much myself. Of course I […]


I can’t tell you why exactly this kind of pastry’s called “love bones” in Germany. Maybe it’s because of their sweet filling. In any case they’re a perfect surprise for your beloved on Valentine’s Day, specially when they are filled with crimson raspberries. As already mentioned with the recipe for profiteroles you may use convenience […]

Take two, get four

It really takes you only two ingredients to produce four lovely desserts. These are eggs and sugar or honey. Some fruit put into the ramekins make it even more tasty but you don’t have to take  them necessarily. If you prepare it for guests you should in any case make one or two in addition. […]