Table Setting with Strawberries

Erdbeergesteck5We’ll have strawberry cake for Sunday and I’d like to have some of these delicious fruit for my table setting too. Out of my gift for Mother’s day I chose a lovely setting with little woodland strawberries. Thanks to the lot of birds living in our garden we do have lots of them growing beneath the bushes. I took one with its clod and wrapped it in fresh cherry laurel leaves fixing this roll with a wire spiral. Therefore take two pieces of florist wire (20″) and cover them with a sisal ribbon. Both ends are to be fixed with a dot of hot glue. Gather both wires and twist them spirally leaving about 1″ at one end to be put in floral foam lateron. Put strawberry with clod into that little leafy pot and water carefully. Take some floral foam and place it on a flat bowl filled with a bit of water. Cover your foam with box tree tips all over and place your strawberry in the middle. If you like just take a small checkered ribbon loop it and fix it with a small piece of wire that can be placed in the floral foam.
Quite useful – this table setting for nibbling that can be planted in the garden or in flower pots afterwards.

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