Sweet hedgehogs


Chocolate pinwheel cookies served in a different way. It’s a bit difficult to make them if you don’t have an oval cookie cutter with spikes. The other parts are easily rolled out and cooked. Eyes and nose are made with chocolate writing icing.


Without the fitting cookie cutter just help yourself with a round cookie cutter. Roll out the dough a bit thicker then necessary and cut large rounds. Then roll over these rounds again to give them an oval shape. Cut the spikes with a sharp knife then.


For the hedgehogs little belly roll out the dough at 3mm and cut little rounds. Take a shot glass if you don’t have a cookie cutter with the right size. Form a belly with your fingers then. The face is made with hearts of almond paste. Flatten top and rounds of your hearts to get a softer face form.
Belly and face are postioned on the hedgehog’s body after being brushed with beaten egg and milk on their back. Brush the belly’s front too. Cook hedehogs as long as pinwheel cookies. After cooling draw eyes and nose with writing icing.

I chose a Dr. Oetker recipee for my hedgehogs but you may take this one as well. With the remaining dough I made some black and white swirls I also saw at Dr. Oetker’s site. Instruction and recipee will follow soon.


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