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We offer help for all those who must realize this morning that their face still looks grayish though they already took of their Halloween costume.Reading the blog of Stefanie Heikmann I found several instructions for body and face peelings. One of them, consisting of ingredients I had in my kitchen, I tried immediately. As it is made with fresh food products I changed the original recipe. For one face peeling I mixed one table spoon of yoghurt, one table spoon of grinded almonds and one tea spoon of honey. Apply the yoghurt, amass carefully with circling fingers and leave on your skin for about three to five minutes. Then take off with lukewarm water. It gently cleans your skin and leaves a refreshing feeling. For a body or hand peeling I prefer less finely grounded almonds which I get by grinding them with my own kitchen machine. In both cases you sometimes need to take less or more almonds according to the consistence of your yoghurt. It’s however the perfect starter for a body and soul treatment on a rainy autumn day.

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