Scampi appetizer


The original recipe on was to be prepared with mangos but unfortunately those available in our food stores were still unripe and too hard. That’s why I simply changed the recipe and took some persimmon instead. Thanks to the scampi it’s a very classy but light appetizer. It’s easy to prepare it and it’s lovely for New Year’s Eve.

four servings

200graw scampi without head (fresh or frozen)
1 tbsp cooking oil, a dash of salt and sugar
1/2 cucumber
1 big or 2 small persimmon
juice of 1 lime
1 bunch of chive


Heat scampi (unfreeze if necessary) with some oil in a cooking pan and roast scampi 2-3 minutes turning them regularly. Season with salt, cool and chop coarsely.


Peel cucumber, core them and dicce. Peel persimmon, cut off leaves and take off the inner hard parts. Take half a persimmon and cut into small dices. Chop carsely remaining fruit and purée with lime juice. Season with a dash of sugar and salt, add chive rolls.
Divide fruit dice on small party glasses and add cucumber. Baste with some dressing. Then pour in the chopped scampi and the remaining dressing. Serve with fresh baguette.



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