Rocket salad with strawberries

Erdbeersalat4A recipe for all those who’d like to eat strawberries the whole day through. I’m spedially interested in extraordinary combinations you won’t expect when thinking of these lovely sweet red fruit.
Today we’ll have a salad being a perfect starter or a light snack for dinner if consumed with some bread.


Due to technical problems with “recipe card” I’ll post it right here today.

4.5oz shrimps, 1tsp of butter, 1 bunch of rocket, 3.5oz Emmenthal, 3.5oz strawberries, 2tbsp Balsamico, 4tbsp walnut oil, 1/2 tsp mustard, pepper, salt, chives
Clean shrimps and roast gently in butter. Put aside for cooling.
Clean rocket, break off hard stems and cut leaves into bite-sized pieces. Wash and hull strawberries and cut in halves. Cut fine strips of Emmenthal.
Mix Balsamico, walnut oil, mustard, chives and stir well. Flavour vinaigrette with pepper and salt.
Give rocket, shrimps and cheese strips into a large bowl and pour vinaigrette. Then fold in strawberries carefully.

Serve it with some toast or fresh baguette.

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  • Rucolasalat mit Erdbeeren/Rocket salad with strawberries/Salade de roquette avec fraises

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