Easter table


Let’s get started with the funny version of our kids’ Easter table. The little rabbits are made with card stock stripes mesuring 12 x 1 inch. Fold at 2 and 5 inches from each side. Fold down the ends to get the rabbit’s ears. (left)


Fix their ends with a glue dot. Then insert a small chocolate Easter egg and fasten the ears with a matching ribbon. If you don’t find a matching card stock you may even take newspaper pages, fold them lengthwise to get a 1-inch wide stripe. Continue like described before. For larger chocolates simply fold your card stock stripe like an M and glue it to the sides of your sweets. Fix the ears with a bow too. (see further models – www.lintorfer.eu)

Take a woolen cord to make the lovely knot holding the paper napkins. Put some tiny sugar eggs on top so that it looks like a little nest.


Use the rabbits as a place card and glue a little name tag on top of the bow. Thus every kid will know where to sit down.


The second table just represents the color of my dishes and those predominating our living room. The knot is made with two different cords in different colors. Each piece of cord mesuring about 20-12 inches according to the size of your paper napkin. The slideshow pictures at the end of my post are showing in detail how to tie the knot. Repeating the napkin’s pattern I chose a small guinea fowl’s feather to joint the knot.


The picture above exactly shows the turns of my lovely knot. It’s worthwhile to arrange the cords carefully so that you’ll get a neat 8-shape. Shorten the cords on the backside of your napkin a joint them with glue.




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