A new old shirt


Oops, accidents happen. In spite of my great care I got a large spot of window color in the front of my t-shirt. Neither stain remover nor several washes could help. Fortunately the tinkering donkey loves the marine style for summer clothes and there was a peace of white dotted red fabric left over from last year. A small part made a breast pocket sewn directly on top of the unwanted stain. The pocket is to be cut out twice and sewn right-sides-in leaving a small opening for turning it inside out afterwards. Iron your pocket and then attach it to the t-shirt with a straight stitch.


To enhance the marine style I added a small piping to the neckline and prolongated the hem. In both cases I cut a matching strip of fabric, folded it in half lengthwise and sew the open sides together with a zigzag stitch. Then the strips are fixed to the left side of neckline and hem with pins. I sew them with a red thread from the right side just beside the original blue seam.


For the neckline I took a twin needle to keep it still elastic. The hem is fixed with a 4mm straight stitch.
Now my shirt looks like a new one and it still matches with the other marine style clothes.




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