Who can resist this wonderful plate with fruit? I’ve made it to try my new decospoons. I saw the corresponding video more than once and doubted if it was really that easy for someone not being a professional. I admit it’s not as perfect as shown but the result meets my demands as an amateur cook. We had finished eating for the day. That’s why I only decorated some fruit with raspberry- and vanilla cream.
This kind of decoration can also be done with a gravy or some tomato or vegetable froth. Success-deciding is the consistency of your sauce.
There’s a big and a small spoon in the set for larger and small, filigree garnishments. It’s quite easy to mix different colors because the spoons will glide smoothly on nearly all surfaces.
So with one or two sweeps you’ll create a lovely dessert that will surely enthrall you. A tool, absolutely necessary for every amateur cook.

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