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Multiple-use crates

Winter’s coming to an end and the quantity of tangerines and oranges offered are receding. The pile of tangerine crates however increased tremendously. They’re too nice to destroy them and I like to use them in many different ways. But there’s one thing they do have in common: they’ll receive a coat of paint and […]

Preparing Easter

I found these hens in a Topp book with lots of folding ideas. The large one’s having a middle pleat big enough to hold a boiled egg. For the smaller one I changed the template by hand. It’s just big enough to hold a chocolate Easter egg. Depending on the available card stock paper you […]

Valentine’s breakfast

Valentine’s Day will be on a Sunday this year. So what about inviting your family or dearest friends for a huge meeting for a Valentine’s breakfast. The invitation is written on a jar shaped card and the smaller version serves as a place card or napkin holder. Add some matching paper napkins and chocolate candies […]

No-knit hats

Well, it took me a day more to take the fotos because I absolutely wanted to show you two different versions to present them. For your colours you should consider the surrounding where they shall be put lateron. Cut a 1,5cm piece of a gift wrapping roll that will serve as the base for your […]


Outside winter’s still not in sight. That’s why I tried to create some kind of winter feeling inside the house. I found a lovely video instruction for a sock snowman at It’s quite easy to make them and just try to mix different materials for the ice-cold companion’s decoration. The funny woollen hats are […]