Bread stars


The next stars on my table are covered with cream cheese, Gouda and salami because I needed them for a cheerful girls’ meeting. For Christmas you may take smoked salmon, gossamery cut cold meat or a noble hard cheese. Cheese and salami are shaped with a cookie cutter too. My homies are always directly attacking the leftovers. 2016_sterne5For a starter you’ll need two stars for each guest. I managed to cut out two stars one slice of my multigrain bread that I had just cooked in the morning. Apply a tangy cream cheese on each bread star. I chose one with “grilled pepper” flavour. Put cheese or salami stars on top and powder with some ground pepper or paprika. Then serve them on a Christmas plate, star shaped would be perfect. Instead of multigrain bread you may take large sandwich toast slices. Lightly toast it before using the cookie cutter. Don’t throw away the bread leftovers. They’ll be good for a spicy pan fried meal. This recipe will follow shortly.



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