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Christmas trees

Our Christmas tree is not yet put up but lots of them already assembled on our livingroom table for tea time. On the plates you find some lovely gingerbread trees decorated with green icing sugar. In the cups I placed some treelike folded napkins. The give away for every friend is one of my fabric […]

Girlie’s Holiday

Why always cling to red an green for Holiday? Even on Christmas or maybe just for Christmas we should decorate our house or table in colors we really love. That’s why today I want to show you a table in purple and pink. Starting point was a package of paper napkins that is completed by […]

A triplet of chocolate cookies

Once again one of the really useful recipes created by Dr. Oetker. Making three different holiday cookies with one pastry only. That saves time and they’re delicious nevertheless.

Santa hat cheesecake

When looking for some new and interesting Holiday recipees I found lovely Santa-hat-cheesecakes on Rachels blog. Her instructions are perfect and quite easy to follow. I’ll simply add some pictures of my Santa-hat-cheesecakes. There you’ll see that I had to replace the strawberries because in December it’s quite hard to get tasty ones in Germany. […]

Even more cinnamon

Three years ago I found these lovely ornaments in a german magazine called landlust and since then I just get them out every year again. That’s why today I’ll tell you how to do them. The following ingredients are needed and supposedly available in nearly every household. 1.8oz cinnamon, 2 tbsp finely ground cloves, 1 […]