Winter candles


After all these days full of twinkling Holiday gifts and decorations it’s quite difficult to find new ideas for our homes. Searching among lots of pinterest pictures I found three wonderful tea light holders. One of them unscented but the others scenting either coffee or orange/cinnamon. For the coffee scented take a jar and pour some coffee beans onto the ground. Then place a smaller tea light holder in the middle and fill the free space with further coffee beans. Add tea light and scent the coffee fragrance as soon as the light transfers its heat to the coffee beans.Candle2

Those who just prefer fine appearance and resign all kinds of scent will surely love the natural tea light with dried twigs out of the garden. Fill water in a large jar and place different twigs at the bottom of it. Clamping one or two twigs between the glass walls prevents thinner twigs to come up. Thus the surface is free for a floating tea light holder or a floating candle.


Floating tea light holders are available in different sizes, colors and materials. Their advantage: you only need a simple tea light to be place inside and don’t have to buy extra loating candles. With these you’ll risk wax leakage that will eventually stick together other decoration parts.
The third tea light’s floating in orange/cinnamon scented water. A detailed how to instruction and a tag template to use the jar as a gift will follow soon.

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