World Cup


Most of the national championships are finished and everybody’s looking forward to the World Cup in Brazil. If the weather’s fine many Germans like to host a kind of public viewing in their garden and so do we. Given the right decoration you’ll have real football/soccer feeling at home. This means for us to take a decoration in black, red and gold but you can do all parts as well in red, blue and white or any other colour. For the center of my table I cut apart one of these lovely Hawaiian necklaces and flags in our national colours embellish all glasses. Furthermore I took some paper napkins with a football print which I fixed with a small green ribbon.
Cardstock in colours of your national flag will cover simple jars to hold the cutlery. Cut stripes in the height of your jars and 1″ longer than the circumference of it. Make a cut up to half of the height on the opposite long sides at 1/2″ from the end. Then close the stripes to a roll by connecting both cuts. Fix the overlapping sides with some glue.
Really good looking coasters can be done with this freebie. Simply print them, cut them out and glue them on top of some paper coasters.
A yellow and red card just show all drinks and food. Nibbles are offered in small bowls placed on a pitch. Therefore take some green cardstock and draw the center, penalty area and so on with a white pen or glue it with some stripes of white cardstock.
If you like you can even make one pitch for each of your guests and place some small national bannerets on top. Now all we can do is hope for nice weather and exciting matches.

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