A scent of Christmas

Weihnachtsbaum1Just in time for advent the temperatures started to go down and everybody will enjoy the scent cookies and fir branches. I specially love the light scent of cinnamon waving through our homes. I found these little trees at etsy.com and reproduced them myself. You can use leftovers of holiday fabric to make them. Take fabric in double layers and place right sides face to face. Draw tree pattern on left side, cut out with about 0.2″ seam allowance and sew. Leave a space on the bottom line to turn your tree after sewing. Fill it with wadding through this hole and finally place deco cinnamon stick into it. If the stick sits too loose simply sew it with a few stitches.
You can either put your trees into little flower pots or sew a small satin ribbon on its top to hang it up. The ribbon can be fixed when sewing the tree. Then place it in the middle of the two layers so that the ends just stick out at the top of the tree.
I decorated the edge of my hanging tree with a buttonhole stitch. Furtheron you can use the trees as place cards and fix a name tag either at the pot or knot it to the little ribbon.


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