A warm shawl

SchalIt’s getting colder, slowly but continuously. That leaves us enough time for knitting a warm and fluffy shawl. That’s a lot of fun and even cheaper than buying one. I bought a wool mixture of Schachenmayr called Boston. The price of 4 ravels is between 16 and 20$. I knitted with a size 11 needle. I casted on 30 stitches in total and knitted alternately three knits and three purls so that the shawl had a width of nearly 8 and stretched nearly 12 inches. With the six center stitches I made a cable pattern by crossing them every tenth row starting 8 rows after casting on. The chart is as follows:
x=knit, <=purl (to be read and cast on from right to left, back rows to be knitted as they appear) xxx<<

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