Sometimes it’s a pure coincidence when you’re looking for a new idea to be realized for your blog. Watching tv on a friday morning I heard of a nice idea to embellish simple jars into lovely vases. Florist Michael Frings did it with acrylic paint but I didn’t have any leftovers available. Instead I found lots of half emptied nail varnish flasks in my bathroom cabinet. Why shouldn’t I take these to color some jars.


The foto shows that you may use all kinds of jars, glasses or bottles to decorate them with nail varnish. The advances: you may collect cheap jars and will use all your vanish leftovers. On this occasion I took the chance to work with some window colors too. The red water glass was colored with them long time ago but still looking good. The dark red nail vanish adheres to this window color surface as well as on that of the glass itself. The green bottle is decorated with orange and yellow window color. Here it’s a great advantage that the colors are looking more restrained and that you can take them off lateron. Therefore you simply have to put the bottle in warm water for some minutes and then peel off the color stripes.


Put the jars with wide opening on top of a paper roll. Thus the vanish may drop on a paper mat without the jar standing in it. Put your bottles with their bottleneck on a double layered paper. Start pouring vanish from your flask round the  bottom edge so that small or large stripes are running down. The quantity of vanish decides the distance between the stripes. When vanish or window color are dry you may cut off the paint drips or the sticking paper with a cutter.


If you don’t get it off completely just hide it with a small ribbon matching either with your bottle or with your window colors. Thanks to the use of leftovers you may produce matching vases in nearly every color. If you don’t need them any more just bring them to the bottle bank.


For my nail varnish I prefer light colors when going to work. That’s why my vases are mostly colored in dusky pink, beige and stone grey. Secondary effect – they match very well with the cream- and mocha-colored living room. In addition I colored a tiny tealight holder with varnish stripes. It fits perfectly with the vases and will make a lovely center piece.

So, just get on with your varnish leftovers, clean the jars, prepare a mat and then start pouring. For a special occasion or a certain color that’s not part of your usual color scheme you may even buy some new nail varnish. That’ll probably still be cheaper than buying vases or tealight holders and in addition you’ll create very individual objects.





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