Valentine hearts



If you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s decoration this is just the best solution. Take my free template, print it and transfer it to the selected paper or card stock. The treat bag is a folded heart. We had origami paper mesuring 16 x 16cm. Fold it in half from both sides and open folds again. Then fold diagonally from both sides and reopen these folds too. Now fold paper in half again so that the long open sides are on the top. Fold the lower right and left corner inside to get a triangle standing on its tip. (Follow step 1-4 here and then turn your triangle.) Now put the heart template on top and cut out the upper part. Glue the right and left inner part of your heart bag and insert a paper stripe as a handle. Put some chocolate or a nice whish inside and here you are with a lovely Valentine’s decoration.


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