Cake box


Those who do a lot of baking will perfectly understand my dilemma. There it is, my lovely cake and being invited  by a very good friend I’d like to take it with me for teatime. But not the whole one! To be honest, I planned to have another piece of it the next day too. With my fancy cake box however my friend will even enjoy the single piece of cake. Find a free template here.


Choose single-colored yellow or brown card stock for the bottom of your box because it’s based on a light or chocolate colored pastry of a real cake. The top may match the cake color, the occasion or the person receiving it. Cut out bottom and top and fold along the dashed lines. Put some glue on the small side straps and fix them on the opposite side. Leave the box drying and line both parts with wrapping film. In the top fix the wrapping film with a small piece of double sided adhesive tape. Alterantively a piece of parchment paper can be placed inside the box. Then place your piece of cake inside the bottom and close the box. Decorate it with a name tag or any other accessories.

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