Dancing angels


Christmas without angels, can’t imagine. My this year’s version seems to dance arount the vase. That’s probably due to the lovely pleated dresses. For making them you’ll need some nice Christmas papers, wooden balls mesuring about 1,5cm in diameter and some ribbon to hang them up. I found these angels on cchobby.de but instead of origami paper I took Christmas papers to cut out the 10cm circles for the dresses. The circles need to be folded into 16 parts. That’s easily done when fold it in eighth and after that once to a half circle. Now each of the twofold four eigth can be folded once again so that in the end you’ll have 16 triangles. I will be easier to pleat the dress neatly when all former folds where done in both directions. Engel2Cut out collar and wings chosing papers in matching colors. Free templates are here. Take a 15cm ribbon and pull it through dress, collar and wooden ball with the help of a needle. I choose a brillant bead yarn to complete the angels. Tie a loop at the end and fix the head to it’s collar with a drop of liquid glue. This avoids the head to slip over the knot accidentally. If you want to put the angels on your table choose a lighter white cotton ball instead and glue head, collar and dress together. This year my angels are dancing in the window hanging from a decorated branch. The reflecting window however ruins the fotos so that I simply placed them outside in front of a wall to show their beauty.

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