Chair pads


Do it yourself – that’s the device after several weeks of searching for fitting chair pads. I chose a printed cotton fabric which I doubled with a simple white cotton. The pad itself is a piece of foam cut in the seating’s exact size. A simple envelope closure allows easy washing when dirty.


On the site www.eenymeenyandmoe I found a wonderful description I really couldn’t have written better. When cutting your fabric please consider that besides the seam allowance you have to add the height of your foam pad to length and width of your fabric once. When your envelope closure cover is ready you have to make the box corners. With the cover wrong sides out, trim all corners. Therefor pull apart the fabric until it makes a little peak with the trimmed corner point at the top and the seam lines running down the middle of the front and the back. Carefully and precisely line up these seams. The two seam allowances should fold opposite one another. Stitch a line down from the peak having the length of your foam’s height. Cut down the triangle’s peak to a seamallowance of 0.5 cm.


If you want to attach your pads to the chair’s back you have to place a folded ribbon into two of the corners before sewing. (the ribbon is placed on the right side of fabric but inside the corner – see left picture; on the right picture the end of the ribbon is visible after cutting the seam allowance)


After turning the cover the ribbons will sit just in both corners where you can easily knot them to the back of your chair.


With the remaining fabric I made a double-sided tea-cloth. The back is sewn with the white cotton fabric I took to line the pad covers.




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