Outdoor center piece

LavendeltasseThe sun is shining and the best place to be is your terrasse. That changes after sunset when midges, moths and other flying monsters surround your candle lit patio. A very pleasant way to drive them away is this nice lavender light. If you’re cultivating some of these plants in your garden or in a flower pot you may take fresh flowers. Dried flowers work well too and you’ll find them in stores for decorating material or at the chemist’s. I stripped off the flowers of some panicles and layered them in an ancient cup. You may take any other candle holder for this decoration but I love my ancient cups and they should be employed more often. In the middle there’s a glass tealight holder and some panicles surrounding it. As soon as the tealight’s burning a few minutes the flowers will grow warm and they’ll give off a light and mild odor. This however is enough to deter insects from invading your terrasse. For a cosy summer night with a nice glass of wine I tied up two stems of my butterfly bush and some cornflowers with a lilac ribbon and placed it besides the antique candle holder. Open a bottle of wine, some cheese with it and everybody will feel like being in France for vacation.

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