Summer on the table

BlumenvasenQuick, easy but very effective. Simply collect some herbages and flowers from the roadside and put them into simple glass vases filled with colored water. Therefor just stir some food color into the water before inserting the flowers. That’s my way of using old food colors. A potpourri of different paper napkins and dinnerware will bring summer mood for a nice barbecue.
Note: Before placing the vases on your table just but them aside for 10-15 minutes to give little scrambling guests the opportunity to disappear.


Kleiner Tipp: Bevor man die gepflückten Blumen auf den Tisch stellt, sollte man sie 10-15 Minuten etwas abseits stehen lassen, um kleinen, krabbelnden Gästen die Gelegenheit zur Flucht zu geben.

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