Back to school


Soon we’ll have to got back to school and for some of us it’s just the very first day of school that should be enlightened a little bit. With the help of brother or sister, grandparents and maybe godparents you could celebrate this day. Oversize card stock pencils (seen at and adapted) will be a lovely centerpiece.


For each pencil you’ll need a card stock piece of 16,5 x 17cm. Fold it at 3,6,9,12 and 15cm on the short side so that you will have a 1,5cm flap to close the pencil lateron. Fold a line at 5cm on the long side of your card stock. This serves to adjust the crepe masking tape. Then draw all necessary lines for pencil’s tips; adding a flap on one side of each tip – see template for download. Cut off the parts between the tips and fold the small flaps. Put some double sided adhesive tape on the 1,5cm flap and join the sides of your pencil. Then put some liquid glue on all five small flaps at the top and put the tips together.

2017_Stifte3Prepare several pencils and use them as a center piece or just decorate every guest’s place with it. Just print some name tags and glue them to lone side of the pencil. For pencils decorating your table center just print tags with the cardstock colors used and glue them on the corresponding pencils. I made my pencils without a bottom because I don’t need it for the center piece parts and I like it if the give away wrapping is to be seen. If you prefer making a bottom then just extend the long side of your card stock (see template), cut in the 2cm parts and glue them one on top of the other after having closed the pencil on its side. Take little rubber gums, small pencils, felt pens or some sweets to fill in the large card stock pencils. I collected time table printouts that are displayed at no charge in our local stores and used them as placemats. Some cake with lots of sprinkles and everyone will be happy for this first day of school.


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