Quick decoration


When all holiday decorations are packed away the rooms look blank and we’re pleased to see lots of early bloomers already offered now. I bought some cheap grape hyacinth and daffodils which I placed in glasses and a white clay pot. A blue felt ribbon fixed with a checkered smaller one round the glass and a small wooden flower sticked between the bulbs make a nice decoration for my hallway painted in blue and gray.
One single hyacinth I placed in a smaller glass which is decorated with a straw ribbon to which I attached a red porcelain heart. A further small wooden heart is glued to the ribbon and round the bulb I twisted some curly ribbon. This is a wonderful surprise for your sweetheart. Simply lay the table for breakfast in red and white, place this glass and a white or red candle in the middle and ready is your nonverbal declaration of love.
The daffodils are placed in a white clay pot and I covered the shabby bulbs with yellow sisal. For decoration I placed a little owl. I found it on a paper napkin, cut it out and glued it to a small wooden rod.
While decorating the plants you’ll look forward to their bloom. Though winter season hasn’t been too strong so far we’re waiting for spring, sunshine and fresh flowers.

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