Spiralled Whipped Cream


Red fruity trails in whipped cream – a feast for your senses. Try it and you’ll bring the house down. I took some raspberry juice, thickened it with some corn starch and filled it an a pastry bag with an icing syringe. Therefore draw three lines along the inside of the bag and then fill in whipped cream as usual. You may pipe single spots or stripes having fruit jelly at three points. Cupcakes should be decorated with a rose piped with a star tip beginning at the edge and turning to the middle of the top.
If you don’t have an icing syringe you can fill in the jelly with a long-stemmed spoon. The most important thing is that the stripes don’t touch.

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  • Sahnige Spiralen/Spiralled Whipped Cream/Chantilly en Spirale

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