Paper vase


Inspired by folded muffin wraps I made these little green vases for my strawberry table decoration. The advance of these vases is that you can produce them at any time in any color you need.
According to the flower and the size of the water container you’ll need origami papers mesuring between 10 or 15cm.
First determine the center point by folding each paper diagonally twice. Don’t fold the whole line but just press down the center and open the folds again. Then place your paper on the bottom of a reversed water glass.


Fix the center with the forefinger of one hand and make a fold in the middle of one straight side with the other hand in clockwise direction. Repeat with other three sides of your paper. The corners are coming up when finished. Now enclose the glass bottom with both hands, press and streak downwards.


The paper will assume the shape of your glass and only has to be lifted and turned.


Choose a small shot glass or a tealight holder as a water container. I had some left over plastic shot glasses fitting perfectly into my paper vases.


Take some nice flowers and place them in your vase. For larger flowers (see foto on top) I recommend to fold the tips of you vase outward because otherwise your vase won’t be seen.



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