Candle with natural scent


Both, the coffee scented and the unscented twig light were already described. Still missing the instructions for the lovely orange scented candle holder. According to the size of your jar you nee water, 3-5 orange slices, 2-3 star anis, 1-2 cinnamon sticks and eventually one slice of fresh ginger. Boil water, orange slices and spices in a pan and let simmer for 10 minutes. Wait until particulate material sinks and pour content carefully from pan into your jar. If you take a floating tea light holder you may use the boiling immediately. For a floating candle it needs to cool down because otherwise the wax of your floating candle will start to melt from the outside.


The boiling allows refreshing at least two or three times to evaporate the delicious scent in your home. Just fill it in a lockable jar and place it in the refrigerator after use. The next time simply place your jar in a water bath or pour it in a pan again for reheating. If necessary add some further water. Bottled like this you may take your scented candle as a gift as well. You’ll find the free template for a gift tag here. These candles are to be composed with lots of spices, plants or fruit. A further winter scent is a composition of fir or pine twigs, bay leaf and cloves. Simply try yourself which kind of composition you like best.



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