Stars at table

Star4Simple, quite natural and very easy to reproduce. The necessary test glasses are available at florists or crafting stores. Saw stars of about 5″ and drill a hole in the size of your test glass diameter a bit above the center of your star. Then remove the edges and color the star as you like. I took white color diluted with some drops of water and applied it with a sponge. The edges are shaded either in red or brown. I did it with the sponge too. Then sand the edges again to obtain the shabby look. Fill test glass with water and put through the hole of the star. Place star on the table so that two tips keep it grounded. Arrange some flowers in the glass and here you are with a lovely decoration.
If you belong to the generous people you can use these stars as table cards and give them away for Holiday.

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  • Mit Sternen zu Tisch/Stars at table/L’étoile à table

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