Lavender Salt

Lavendelsalz2Coarse sea salt and lavender flowers will lead your fantasy to Provence in France. It’s perfect for roasted or grilled meat, fish or seafood but a refinement for stew and salad. An insider’s tip – lavender salt with mold, goat’s or sheep’s cheese. In-house production is quite easy. Fresh or dried flowers can be used. With fresh flowers it’s less durable and should be consumed within a few days. Simply mix 1/2 cup of fresh or a tablespoon of dried genuine lavender flowers (lavandula angustofolia) with 1 cup of salt and fill it in a lidded jar. Store in a cool dark place for a week, then sift and remove lavender. This way you’ll get a really mild herb salt.
For a stronger version chop the lavender flowers and give them to the salt. Store it in a lidded jar at a cool and dark place as well. Use it with the chopped flowers when cooking. You can simply replace the standard salt by your lavender salt in every vinaigrette or yoghurt dressing. A breeze of summer will float around your bowl.

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