Royal table


For my today’s post I have to go into greater detail. My husband’s Schuetzen-formation called William Tell Formation is having a shooting competition (using a wooden bird) every year. The winning contestant will be their “King of Formation” and his wife as his queen has to organize a women’s breakfast during Schuetzenfest /marksmen’s festival. For this occasion I was looking lots of blogs and galleries to find some ideas with crowns. I found some lovely proposals and soon I saw me using tin cans for flowers and candles.


Therefore I needed to collect different cans. It’s not that easy for summer time because most of the fruit and vegetables are offered fresh from the fields. Enforcedly I had a lot of cheese cakes and curd cheese desserts with mandarin organges. Their cans are perfect for flowers and the smaller ones, usually containing grains of maize, were used as tea light holders. I decorated the cans with some paper cut apples (in dependence on the legend of Tell’s apple shot) and the vintage look just goes very well with them. Ribbons in black, white and red completed the flower and candle cans.

2017_Krone3Using the same colours I took some simple red paper napkins. These are held by grey felt crowns cut out of tradional crafting felt. Two holes in the center give passage to the 30cm long ribbon  that’s wrapping the folded napkin. Find a crown pattern in this post here. A detailed instruction for different can crowns and their various decorations will follow within the next days. So, just start to collect cans, clean them and peel off the labels. In addition you will need tin snips, acrylic paint in black, silver grey and white and cotton wool or wooden balls matching with your can’s size.






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