Sweet flamingo


Wether you’re young or not, a sporty or a more romantic girl. Pink or apricot will never ever be wron. Look at these lovely flamingos which I found on the site of hooraytoday.de. Use them to hold a napkin or to hold the place for your guests. 

You’ll need pink or white card stock, pink pipe cleaners, pink, apricot or white feathers, small google eyes, felt pen, scissors and liquid glue

Cut two paper hearts for each flamingo. Shorten the pipe cleaners to get two pieces, one 10 and the other 6-7 cm long. Form the shorter piece like a questionmark to get neck and head. The long piece will give the flamingo’s legs. Fold them in half and then bend both ends to form some feet. Disperse glue on the inner side of one heart, put head legs and a tail feather in place. Cover second heart’s inner side with glue and put it on top of the first heart. Press thoroughly and let dry for some minutes. Finally take a tiny feather or the tip of a larger one to glue it on the flamingo’s body. Glue a goodle eye on each side of the pipe cleaner head and colour the tip with a black felt pen.


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