First autumn wreath

Tuerkranz5At every second market stand we saw brightly shining spots of lilac, pink and white heather. So I just bought some of them for my nearly empty summer flower buckets. Back home I remembered all the pictures of autumnal wreaths I had seen on different web sites. I cut off some twigs of heath for it and also took some branches of conifer, yew, snowball bush, rosemary and box tree which I found in our garden. Some fir cones and a little wooden heart completed the furnishings. In the basement I found a moss covered wreath bought long time ago. For the moment it’s however no problem to find a new one in decoration stores. I assembled up to three or four twigs and fixed them with florist wire by winding it round the lower third of the bouquet. The next twigs should then overlap the wire loops. To fix the fir cones I twined some wire under their outer scales, passed it round the wreath and fixed it in the back. The little wooden heart is glued on a small clothes pin so that it can be clipsed at any position. Matching with the colours of heath I chose a violet ribbon for hanging up. Thanks to the conifer and rosemary branches the wreath diffuses a wonderful scent of autumn.

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