Pumpkin recipes and lots of halloween decoration stuff in crafting stores. Trick or treat is a question meanwhile asked in Germany too and specially this year with the 31st of October beeing a public holiday we will have halloween parties in many households. Searching the web I found a lovely idea for wrapping this year’s treats shown by familienkost.de. It’s worth buying lots of lollipops and a box of facial tissues. These will wrap the lollis as ghosts. Fix them with a black or orange curling ribbon round their stick. Draw eyes and mouth with a black felt pen. A flower pot filled with granulated decoration stones or sand will hold them upright. It’s not me who hollowed out the large companion watching his little friends’ danse. It’s a gift from a dear friend and with large tea lights inside he’s glowing for about 5-6 hours.


In case you’re hosting a halloween party you may use the lollipop-ghosts for decorating the room or even the entire house. Simply put them in shot glasses, jem them between door and folding,  between books or behind a clock or picture hanging on the wall. For your party join them some plastic spiders, small decorative gourds and orange tea lights to create a real feeling of halloween.


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