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Weckmann6I agree, he’s a bit plump and didn’t fasten properly the buttons of his jacket. Besides he looks a bit like Barbapapa and not as a typical “Weckmann” (Breadman made with yeast dough). But well the taste, yeah the taste is as expected sweet and mellow. Just right for breakfast and for tea we will have some smaller ones. That avoids the necessary cutting off and all the crumbs. The coarse sugar makes them even more attractive. The Weckmann or Stutenkerl (nearly each region in Germany has its own name for it) is a traditional pastry preferably consumed around November 11th, St. Martin’s day or in December for St. Nichlas’ day.
This time I don’t write down the recipe seperately because you may as well take the one of my Streusel cake. Roll out the dough at 0.4 inches and make little men with a cookie cutter. Form a large roll of the remaining dough and take off one end of it to make a head. The other end cut in halves makes the legs of our Weckmann. For his arms just make two cuts at the side of his body and tear them away. These holes will close qhen baking but the arms will still to be seen. For eyes and buttons you can take hazelnuts or raisins. Then apply some whisked egg yolk and add some coarse sugar for the small men.
You should bake the small men seperately at 360°F because they only need 15 or 20 minutes to become golden brown. The large Weckmann should be baked for about 20-25 minutes at the same temperature.

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