Gift Wrapping II

Geschenverpackung1Every now and then we need to wrap a gift voucher. They are offered in various sizes and forms but I prefer presenting them in a more personal way. At ScrapNgal I found a wonderful instruction which doesn’t need too many tools and no special skills. Mesure the size of your voucher and draw four circles with the diameter being a bit wider. For drawing the circles you may use a pair of compasses or the top of a glass or anything else having the right size and being round. The circles are folded in halves and then assembled in a way that the folding lines are forming a square. Then they are to be fixed with glue so that one half of each circle is situated under and the other side of it on top of the next circle. Put the voucher in the middle and close the second halves of the circles proceeding the same way as with the bottom of the packing. Close it with a gift ribbon and attach a little pendant including a saying or congretulations.
The voucher for a restaurant I once placed in a wrapping made of pages deriving from a cooking magazine. The all show food or tableware. To draw the circles I used a saucer having just the right diameter and fixed them as written above. If you hand the voucher personally you may close it with a licorice string which unfortunately I didn’t have when taking my pictures. Otherwise you may take a colored ribbon and suspend some sweeties.

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