Fly agarlic

Pilzengl1Here’s the promised fly agarlic together with a new idea for decoration. You’ll find the link for a pattern here. In addition you need some twigs, cones, berries or anything else you find in the woods and some ribbons matching with the autumn colors or the room you want to decorate. I’ve sewn one garlic with buttonhole and one with basting stitch. I chose gleaming white bead yarn because it lightens the red felt and matches with the spots. Head and shaft of the agarlic have to be cut in red and white twice. I startet to sew one shaft with buttonhole stitch to the first side of the head. Then I continued sewing both heads together, finishing with the fixing of the second shaft. Both sides of the shaft should be sewn together with green yarn. Just before the end of the seam fill the agarlic with some wadding and then finsh it. You need to cut some white felt spots of about 0,4 inches and fix them with some glue. Finally pull a 6 inch long thread through the red felt to hang it up.
If you want to decorate it in a window or at the door bind two twigs together and garnish with some matching ribbons. Glue on cones, berries and other finds of the woods with hot-melt gun. Take a sisal ribbon for hanging-up that is one and a half times longer than the twigs. You may use this decoration even during christmas time. Then simply replace the agarlics by christmas pendants.

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