Flying angels


If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift then you’re quite right with these lovely angels. Put some chocolates or hand made cookies in a cellophane bag and close with a matching curling ribbon. You’ll need white feathers, cotton balls, wrapping tissu or translucent paper, a thin thread and a bit of angel hair. Insert the quill’s top into the cotton ball and glue. Cut out wings with a break line using my template and put a small dot of glue on the fold. Then attach wings to the feather’s back. Take a short piece of ribbon to suspend the angel and glue it to the top of the angel’s head. Twist some angel hair and pullit over the ribbon. Fix it with a tiny little drop of glue at the back of the head. Now just hand the angel over your fastened cookie bag or attach it with the help of a small clothpin. (mine are decorated with a paper star)




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