Felting alarm

Filzen1aNice carded wool, some beads and various parts of bling jewelry (old necklaces, rings, bracelets you don’t wear any more) are part of these wonderful necklaces. The single- or multi-colored wool threads are offered in web stores or handicraft shops. If you turn your chosen thread around your neck it should touch the belt of your pants. If too long, just cut off by tearing scissors sideways. You also need some washing-up liquid or soap (olive) dissolved in a bowl of warm water, a piece of bubble wrap and a small towel. Put the towel on your working place and the bubble wrap, bubbles upside, on top of it. Now place the string of wool on the bubble wrap, spread some soap water over it (preferably use a dishwashing brush) and cautiously start to roll the wool across the bubbles.

Filzen2a        Filzen3a
As soon as the wool becomes a firm string you can take away the bubble wrap and continue rolling the wool string for several times on the towel. That makes the wool felting even more and takes off the water.
Now you can start to decorate your necklace i.e. sew some beads on it, close it to fix a pendant (permanent or replaceable). There are two ways to close the string. One is with a ring, large stone or large bead with a hole big enough to take through both ends of the woolen string. The other one is with a sliding knot. This version is most practical for snap hooks.

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