One more Advent calendar

Adventkalender7Girls love gifts – boys do too. That’s why today I want to show you another calendar apt for boys/men or others you want to make happy. It all depends on the selection of your paperboard. I chose three different ones. The green one looks a bit like a Christmas tree giving the impression of a little forest with 24 pyramids. In this case I’d line a large tray with wadding, place the “trees” and put some Christmas balls and stars in it. For the other two boxes I considered the favourite colours of the beneficiary. I’ll place them on a large silver tray (here I took a small one so that the boxes don’t look too lost) with a bright tea light in the middle and some fir sprigs in between. You’ll find the pattern for download here. In case you want to make boxes with corrugated cardboard I drew corrugation line. The pattern shows one half of the box and needs to be turned at its baseline when transferred to your cardboard. Cut out the pyramid and fold dashed line with a folding tool or your scissors. Therefore take one blade and tear the inner side of it along a ruler to score the cardboard lightly. Fold sides up to the left inner side of your box and the middle of the ball on top just to the other side.  Fold up all four sides after filling and close with a nice ribbon just a the bottom of the “ball”. Seperately packed sweets or samples of shower gel, shampoo or other wellness products will fill these boxes. If you like it really precious you may write down the day numbers with a gold- or silver colored pen. Otherwise you can still download numbers using the link of my previous post. If you attach them to the ribbon you may use the boxes further on supposed that you didn’t take Christmas paper.

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