Dessert basket

Apfel6Seen on pinterest and immediately realised on our wedding anniversary – this wonderful proposal for serving a dessert. At the end of summer there’s lots of fruit available so that I decided to serve a fruit salad as dessert. The apple which is always part of my fruit salad will now be transformed into a little basket. From a cap round the stipe I cut a nice flower. The apple then needs to be hollowed out, the core removed and the pulp cut into dice for the fruit salad. You may as well fill your apple basket with curd, assorted berries or vanilla flan. Fix a small spit (toothpick) into the flower and place it at the edge of your basket. Add some granola or yoghurt to your composition of fruit and ready is a very decorative and tasty dessert.
Just follow my gallery to try yourself.

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  • Dessertkörbchen/Dessert basket/Panier à dessert

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