First infinity scarf


Most days are still sunny and we refuse to think about odd weather and freezing temperatures. Having a look at our caldendar however tells us to start with winter preparations. For the beginning we’ll make a really thick and warm infinity scarf. I made it with a wool mixture for needle size 4-UK/10.5-US but knitted it with a double thread and neddles size 17 – US/12 metric. With a yardage of 142 m / 100g I needed about 270g for my scarf.
Cast on 22 stitches for a 20cm wide scarf. (Number of stitches for this pattern – divide by 4 plus 2 edge stitches)


First row: Edge stitch (slip it), # 3 knit stitches, 1 purl; repeat from # and stop with an edge stitch (knit).
Second row: Edge stitch (slip it), # 2 knit stitches, 1 purl, 1 knit stitch # repeat sequence and finish with an edge stitch ( purl).
By slipping the first stitch of the row you make your edge tighter (because you are basically knitting this stitch every other row) and if it is done right – a beautiful braid runs along your edges.
Repeat first and second row and bind off after 130cm.


Put ends together and sew them with a slip stitch.
Worn in a double loop even the coldest days won’t make you freeze.



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